ABCs of Getting Stuff Done!

Let's face it. There is a lot to do and sometimes you don't know how or where to start. And yet, you still need to get things done! You need to feel confident in yourself and your business in order to be successful. You got this!

Mompreneur on Fire - ABC of Getting Stuff Done

A is for Accommodation.  Stop accommodating everyone else now!

B is for Begin.  Begin now.  Whatever it is, you must start!

C is for Charge.  Take charge of the situation.  So many of us live passive lives – those who don’t get what they want.

D is for Do It Now.  What are you waiting for?  If you continue to wait, someone else will get it.

E is for Excuses.  There will always be excuses and 

F is for “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.” 

G is for Good for you.  Celebrate the good, move on from the rest.

H is “Heck I don’t know – but it’s still not going to stop me!”

I is Imagine the finish line.  You need it to get there.  

J is for “Just.”  It can never “just” happen.  Hard work is involved! 

K is for Killer.  That killer instinct that you have – is in there.  Listen to it!

L is for Labor.  You will have to labor to get it done.  Work is required, yes.

Mompreneur on Fire - ABCs

M is for Manage. Manage your activities against your priorities.

N is for “No.”  You are going to hear it.  Get used to it and get over it!

O is for Opportunity.  There is an opportunity in everything.  Everything. 

P is for Priority.  Set them.  Without it you will get lost. 

Q is for quick.  Nothing is quick.  Get over it.

R is for Resources.  Maximize your resources.  You have the help! Use it!

S is Strategize.  Strategize how you will get it done and work that strategy! 

T is Trust.  Trust in yourself.  You are good enough and you can do it. Period.

U is for Ugly.  Determination and competition can get ugly but you don’t have to. 

V is for Victory.  Celebrate them all!  Small victories win wars.  Celebrate each!

W is for Win.  You’re going to win, persevere and you will win!

X is for X-Ray.  (Not that creative, I know.)  BUT you can take an x-ray to your activities and look at the internal workings.  What do you see?

Y is for WHY.  Why are you doing this?

Z is for Zillion.  There are a zillion different ways you can go. Start with one.

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