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Mompreneur on Fire Alex of Aves Styles

“I like to learn by failure.” - Alex Evjen

Talking with Alex from AVE Styles was like having a dream conversation for me.  This mom of 2 is so laid back and successful doing the work she dreams of like collaborating with iconic companies Neiman Marcus, Madewell and even Coca-Cola.  She is fashion stylist turned lifestyle blogger and the rare Official Pinterest Influencer.   Her style is not only top notch but you can tell her attitude is just same.  I had so much fun in this conversation and laughed along the way! 

We talked about lots to things!  Alex shares

  • The distinct evolution of her business
  • How she used "Fake It Til You Make It" to her benefit
  • How her husband feels when changes are coming!
  • How she manages her schedule and her time between family and work
  • What she’s learned about her personality type and what this does for her business
  • When she has asked for help
  • Her mentors
  • The kind of goals she sets.



Selected Links from the Episode:


  • What are your favorite apps?
  • What books are on your nightstand?  Favorite all-time book?
  • What's your guilty pleasure these days?
    • Re-watching Friends. It never gets old to me, and it always puts me in a good mood.
  • What one item do you love that is less than $100?
    • GAP jeans are my favorite piece of clothing in the world. They always fit me well. I have them in every color.
  • What one item do you love to give that is less than $100?

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