Does Your Business Solve a Common Problem? Shark Tank Deal Maker talks business

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Personal & professional development go hand-in-hand.
— Cameron Cruse
Mompreneur on Fire - R.Riveter

“Personal & professional development go hand-in-hand.” - Cameron Cruse

Two running buddies became business partners with a WHY in mind.  Their passion and commitment here has led them down a great path also a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.  This week’s podcast, I talk with Cameron Cruse Co-Founder of R.Riveter a company owned and operated by military spouses.  Their WHY, to offer mobile income to the consistently moving military spouses, has led them all along.  Their beautiful hand-stitched bags are pieced together around the country.  I talked with Cameron not only excited for them for the deal they landed with Mark Cuban but also because the mission was simply amazing.  

Mompreneur on Fire - Cameron Cruse

 A few of the things that we talk about include: 

  • How their WHY really helped them come this far
  • How “jumping right in” paid off
  • Their first big break
  • How your personal & professional growth help each other out
  • Learning about "Goal Setting Mentality"
  • Finding the right person for the job
  • Finding out what is most important 
  • Putting themselves out there
  • Hesitation behind Shark Tank and how they ultimately decided to go ahead
  • How they celebrated the Shark Tank win - both publicly and privately
  • What Mark Cuban is like
  • A wish she could have done differently
  • Mentors
  • Books on her nightstand
  • Favorite gifts to give
  • Things Cameron simply doesn’t do



  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
    • Depending on the day I wanted to be an artist or a teacher. 
  • What was your first job?
    • My first Job was folding towels at a high end spa and fitness club, I also worked summers with my Dad in construction. 
  • What are your favorite apps?
    • Basecamp for productivity + work. TED app for listening. 
  • What's your guilty pleasure these days?
    • Doodling with my kiddos on the weekends + going to bed early on Friday night!

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