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Do you love listening to Podcasts?  Or do you not really know what one is quite yet?? Let me make it easy for you.  It’s perfect for you - the super-busy-always-running-around woman that you are.  Pull up the podcast on your phone, plug-in your headphones and listen as you workout, do your errands or even the dishes late night! 

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It’s the perfect time to be a mompreneur!
— Cassie Piasecki
Mompreneur on Fire - Cassie

"It's the perfect time to be a mompreneur!" - Cassie Piasecki

It was a few years yeas back when I first came into contact with Cassie Piasecki.  We were at a SMARTY LA meeting where the owner of Dermologica was talking to women business owners,  Cassie came out to make the introduction and my friend next to me nudged my leg stating she was the Leader at Large for SMARTY OC, where we lived.  She was beautiful in this power top and mini-mini only she could pull off.  She spoke of her experiences owning businesses, the good, bad and the nerve-wracking.  Her authenticity and vulnerability was as real as beauty and from that moment on, I was a fan.  

She talked with me earlier this year about being a mompreneur, becoming a mompreneur, how things are different today (since she has been an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years) and the very important things you have to manage along the way.   Cassie has owned several brick & mortars and now not only runs a medical business but is a pilates instructor to very high-end clientele, she is a nutrition consultant to models and women like herself who want to get healthy from the inside out.  And in her “spare” time she is caring for her family and writing a book.  

When I first thought to pull together the Mompreneur on Fire podcast, she was the first person I wanted to talk with.  I have done her fabulous Seven to Sleek program and I can't wait for Weekly Pep talk to come out on Sundays.  She is kind and her energy is sweet.  Combine that with a powerful business sense - how can she not be one to admire??

Mompreneur on Fire - Cassie 2

In this episode, we cover several topics and stories.  Here are some of the things we talk about:

  • Her feelings about being a mompreneur today
  • How she had her first brick and mortar business at the age of 18
  • How her husband works for her and she came to open a medical business
  • What every business owner has to be in control of
  • How she invests time in learning and trains staff, the less glamorous stuff
  • When she grieved
  • The role of her spouse and family when she considering a new business
  • Financially - what to always plan on when opening a business
  • How to attract clientele before putting up the open sign
  • Cool way she keeps her intentions at the forefront
  • Daily rituals - including morning, working out, spending time with husband and settling in for the evening

“You, the business owner, should be in control of your money.” - Cassie

More From Cassie!

1.  Tools I Love: 

  • I love a good payroll service.  My time is worth more than the time it would take me to run payroll. 
  • I use PicMonkey to edit photos and for creating graphics for social media.  

2.  My fave apps:  

3.  Books: 

  • I just finished The Girl on the Train and it is every bit as good as people said it would be.  
  • Eat Fat, Get Thin by Dr. Mark Hyman, my new food bible and
  • Love*Style*Life by Garance Dore.  I met Garance in Paris this past fall and purchased her book at Le Bon Marche.  She autographed it for me after we had a nice chat.  Unfortunately, the book is written in French.  I just look at the pictures.  

4.  Something that I love that is less than $100: 

  • the shower cap from Drybar.  It is plastic with a terry cloth liner.  The liner helps to lock out shower steam.  I have naturally curly hair but prefer to wear it straight.  This shower cap is a game changer. 

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