First Time Manager? Use This Single & Effective Tip!

My primary job as an Online Business Manager and entrepreneur mentor is to get people working.   We need to cultivate our teams to do work that is internally satisfying and meaningful to each team member all the times but really that conversation can be left for another blog post!  What I know to be true is that a lot of the times, we aren't doing, we are delaying.  

Mompreneur on Fire - First Time Manager

Don't you hate it when you are working with a team of people, you have the conversations and think everyone is on the same page only to wait, wait and wait some more for the work to be completed?

In all the projects, large and small, I have managed, the same thing happens.  Everyone is in agreement and then as they go on their own with good intentions a distraction or higher priority arises and your work is put off.

We all start out excited but when the real work is required, we procrastinate.  

I am convinced it is in our nature to be this way.  Maybe it's our culture and we are attracted to the shiny objects always changing, always having a hard time focusing.

Here's the thing, I take this knowledge, that we are going to be distracted or shifted as a given.  I know we will procrastinate for whatever reason, I don't care nor do I judge, I plan around it..  

What I know to be true is that a lot of the times, we aren't doing, we are delaying.  

Why do we procrastinate?  Why do we wait?  Why does it take until the 11th hour to actually start the work??

Then it can be the worst managing over others who are dragging and delaying.  You feel like a mother nagging.  

OR you take a different approach.  

My most effective step to get work done is in a genuinely caring and helpful approach.  

In all the work I have done, I swear by the friendly and powerful follow-up.  

It has helped me cultivate relationships within my teams and clientele.  I have no doubt my products are stronger too because of the caring I go into a project.  

And sometimes, translating what we do into word format doesn't come across quite as nicely as you hope.  So I put together a brief video for you to follow along to. 

Following-up is brief, frequent and worthwhile. 

Good luck!  I'd love to hear what you think or how it went!