Gain Momentum with Your Side Business: Listen to 1 Mom's story of making it happen after her 9-5

Mompreneur on Fire - Wendy

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If I could find the information, I can figure it out.
— Wendy Hively

Today’s conversation is no different than the others.  Well, a little different.  Wendy has a full-time job AND she runs her side business AND she has daughters that she is raising.  Charliemadison Originals, a beautiful jewelry line named after her daughters is growing, growing growing.  They have a substantial following on social media, wonderful supportive partners and a mission behind them.  

I love how authentic and real Wendy is.  She is a great example of how to start, how to proceed forward, how to maintain her current responsibilities (ummm keep her JOB as a scientist) and also work on something she, personally, cares about.


We talked about many things including:

  • The evolution of her jewelry business
  • From Etsy to her own shop - website
  • Military Spouse Entrepreneurs
  • Several Online Business Classes
  • How her family helps her
  • If I could find the information, I can figure it out
  • Figuring out what works and doesn't
  • The piece that she loves about business, the pieces she'd love to outsource
  • Mentors
  • How her family is involved
  • How her work is the example for her daughters
  • The mess that's in the background
  • What she lets go of
  • What lists she holds on to
  • Doing what you like
  • What she admitted she just binge watched!
  • What they consistently do with the girls and as a family
  • Her 1 List that helps her out most


More From Wendy

  • What did you want to be when you grew up? 
    • I think I changed my mind so many times when I was a kid, but I remember wanting to be a teacher or a veterinarian.

  • What was your first job?
    • My first job after I graduated from college was working a laboratory for the Department of Defense.  As you know, I work full-time job in addition to my jewelry business and have worked for different agencies of the federal government since I graduated from college.  That was almost 25 years ago!
  • What are your go-to books and apps?
    • I actually love to read, but I don't often have extra time to read non-business books.  There are a few books that have captured my heart of over the years - The Alchemist, The Red Tent, and Wherever You Go, There You Are.  The last one really helped me to love meditation and it's such a great book for beginners and those who think meditation is too difficult.

    • My favorite apps are Instagram, Word Swag, Afterlight, and Rainbow Love - all of them help me with marketing and graphics for my business.

  • What are your favorite gifts to give??
    • My favorite gifts to give are those that have a special meaning, which is why I love to give my jewelry.  I am at the point in my life where I've just got too much stuff, so I look for gifts that help the receiver to feel special, to remember something special in her life, or to help her know how strong, beautiful, and loved she is.  My bracelets and necklaces are reminders each time they put them on, so they are my favorite things to gift.

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