Hate Asking Your Husband For Money? A Funny & An Easy Legit Way to Get More Cash

Okay, so one of you has to run the finances in your household.  Maybe that's you.  Maybe that's your husband.  Maybe you have two completely separate accounts and divide it the expenses each month. Whatever it is, there's a way to work from home without disrupting your life.

Whatever your situation is you have to have the conversation with your spouse about money.  My husband and I, over the years, have worked out a system that works for us.  He doesn't ask and I don't tell.  

No, just kidding!  

But we don't discuss every penny spent, we have a threshold where either can comfortably spend without talking with the other.  

But our income combined is our income combined.  

Family money.  

Household money.  

You wouldn't believe the behind-the-scenes conversations I have had with friends about how they wished for the independence of having extra cash in their pockets.  

I get it, you want the freedom to make some shopping decisions without having to consult another.  

You want to buy and purchase things without having that consultation.  That discussion. 

Here are two ways I know people are making money, working from home

1. The Most Funny Way

One of the moms I know absolutely loves her department store lipstick but her husband doesn't agree that this is money well spent.  She works hard in the home and doesn't want to give into his request.  I get it. I have expensive taste too.  So at the grocery store she purchases gift cards for the Department Store and uses the gift card to purchase her lipstick! 

Her husband looks at the credit card bills but not the grocery bill.  She gets what she loves and he gets peace of mind that their money is being well spent.  

Sounds like a compromise in the making, right?? 

I was dying of laughter / shock when I heard this one!  But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! 

2. An Easy Legit Way

Ask your friends if you can help them out.  YES.  That's how.

Tell them you are looking to make some extra money and do they know anyone who could use part-time assistance?  

Actually, if you start by helping someone out, the work could easily turn into regular, paid work if not a reference.   

I believe if you have a LIVE conversation versus sending an email to someone, your likelihood for getting a positive response is much higher.  

Here's the conversation:

Hey Friend - I would like to bring earn some extra cash and am looking if I can help anyone a few hours a week.  Do you know anyone?  I could help them with this, this, or that.

Do you know anyone who may need this type of assistance?  Could I call them that way you don't have to be in the middle?

Thank you!  

If you start by asking your local community, if you can help them, I am confident something will come through!

3. (Bonus!)  Do you like to write?

Writing for blogs is a real opportunity out there.  

Many places pay $100-200 per blog post or article.  

The first article you write, may take you some time if you are rusty but once you get into the groove of it you can really pop out some articles and make some real cash.  

I sat next to one woman and mompreneur at a conference while she wrote an article on Kim & Kanye.  

Her 30 minutes article earned her $175.  I know other bloggers who write articles, collect the income and have this other avenue to get their name out there.  Ah-mazing!  

The "trick" to earning extra income is to just start.  Put yourself out there and be open to what comes. 

Good luck!! 

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