Making the Most of Your Expertise with Jess Valant

Don’t really know what a podcast is quite yet?? Let me make it easy for you.  It’s perfect for you - the super-busy-always-running-around woman that you are.  Pull up the podcast on your phone, plug-in your headphones and listen as you workout, do your errands or even the dishes late night! 

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Mompreneur on Fire - Jess Valant

Jessica Valant is a pilates instructor and a physical therapist.  She just sold her studios in Hawaii and is now focusing her time taking care of her little one AND running an online community and membership-based health program at I wanted to talk with her because she not only because I love the idea of an affordable health program (think workouts and food guides for the busy mom) and I love that she is a mom making it happen.  She’s transitioning from Brick & Mortar business to Online all with a kid in tow. 

My questions are endless but start with: What? How? Why?

Mompreneur on Fire - Happy Hour Mama

Jess was great to talk with and I don’t doubt you’ll enjoy the conversation as much as I did.  A few of the things that we talked about included: 

  • Her first product
  • How she's taking advantage of traffic from YouTube
  • How she saw saw a missing element in the market and created it
  • What drove her to become entrepreneurial
  • The FUN first experience in setting her own schedule
  • How she’s transitioning her work from hands-on to online
  • How to stay true to yourself while also branching out
  • Her goals
  • Her Sunday To-Do List (LOVE!)
  • "White space" exercise
  • Her mentors
  • Amazing lessons learned about listening to oneself



  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
    • I saw the movie “Regarding Henry” when I was 14 years old and knew I wanted to be a physical therapist. Before that I wanted to be a rock star :)
  • What was your first job?
    • First job - 14 years old - a hostess at Le Peep restaurant in Kansas City where I grew up. 
  • What are your favorite gifts to give??
    • I always give massages to my husband that I actually do myself.
    • I love giving girlfriends gift certificates for pedicures or something else to pamper themselves.
    • For grandparents I send homemade cards my daughter makes,
    • and at Christmas I always give homemade treats like cookies or spiced nuts

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