Remain Chill in the Midst of Chaos - Let Go While Also Moving Forward

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I am the author of this book.
— Julie Cole
Mompreneur on Fire - Remain Chill


Julie Cole is one of many Co-Founders for Mabel’s Labels.  She started the business with her sister and friends in their garage 13 years ago.  I wanted to talk with her about how you could start a business many hands in the pot.  After she said yes to the interview, my research showed she’s been blogging all over the place too and that made her even cooler in my eyes.  She writes blogs for places like the Huffington Post and Yummy Mummy and she shares a beautiful story and life message in Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Let’s not forget to mention she is doing this with 6 growing children too!  

But in the conversation, for me, a real shift occurred, she wasn’t just cool on paper, Julie is cool deep. in. her. soul.  I felt like she was my big sister talking directly to me giving me guidance, encouragement and know-how from the get go and not just in business or parenting but in life too. She’s that chill and that cool.  Just this week, the Mom 2.0 Summit released it’s IRIS award nominees and to no surprise, Julie Cole is up for Entrepreneur of the Year.  

Mompreneur on Fire - Julie Cole

I don’t doubt that you will enjoy this conversations much as I did.  A few of the things that we talk about include: 

  • Difference makers in their business and lives. 
  • Her awesome attitude
  • What matters (and doesn’t) to her
  • Choices she makes
  • Mabel Label’s Cool Culture
  • Importance for knowing your brand
  • Sleep and routines - what it takes
  • What it’s like with many bosses
  • Mentors and inspirations

MORE from Julie: 

  • Favorite Books?? 
    • All I read are business books!

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