One Step to Beating that Crazy Day!

How many of us start the day and just go? From the moment we wake up, we feel like we are on the run and it could be bedtime again before we get a break. Our days are filled and we are in high gear. It can be especially hard for those of us who work from home. Kids, chores, deliveries- it's easy to see the crazy unfolding.

Mompreneur on Fire - One Step to Beating that Crazy Day

Here we go....

I’ve got to get dressed and ready for the day and I have the little ones too.  Get them dressed, fed and out the door.  

Oops, I forgot their lunch. 

And their jacket. 

Why doesn’t the little one have shoes?

Why am I getting a work call this early?

By the time the kids are in school, I am “in” for a few hours already!  

Frankly, I love it.  I love a busy day and I love it when I get a lot done too because I feel accomplished.  

When nighttime comes, I crash.  I either die into the sofa and watch some terrible show or I crash hard in bed.  My body needs to rest.  I love these days but they are hard too.  I am physically and mentally trying to keep ahead of the day. 

I think this is why I also love and sometimes prefer those nice, casual, low-speed kinda days when my mind and body simply float.  

Those days where I am just present.  My body and mind are relaxed and I can let everything go.  

Let’s face it, as a mother and business owner, I don’t have days anymore where I can just float.  But I realize, I don’t need days because I have moments.

Mompreneur on Fire - Zen

I have lots of little moments throughout the day where I am settled and happy.  

And it’s these moments when I am comfortably settled in my day, I love them and hold onto them for dear life.  

The question is: how do I beat the crazy day?? This mom life has gone crazy! How can I feel accomplished and comfortably settled like from my low-key days? 

For me, it takes a lot of practice and a lot of resetting through the day, but a mere pause, a deep breath and becoming present changes the day like no other.   

Try this: 


Stop physically moving.  Stop right there in your tracks.  

Take a single deeeeeeep breath.  

Take a deep breath in and let it out ever so slowly.  

Get control of your thoughts, your moment, your energy, your day.  

Ask yourself what thoughts do you want to have?

Think to Yourself  

My day doesn’t have to be crazy.  

I have everything I need. 

My kids have everything they need.

Where I dropped the ball, others will help out.  They will be okay.

I can do this. 

I have so many gifts in front of me, right now.  

I’ve got this day.  

There are many fun, great things happening right now. 

Even if a little ugly pops up, that’s okay too, because I have all this other good around me.  

Lots of good around me today and right now.

Lots of good around me today and right now.

Don’t forget to breath as you stop and take in the world around you.  

Deep breath in, deep breath out.  

How can that 30 seconds not re-align your day?  When I am running around, I sometimes feel like I don't have a moment to breathe, and I have literally have to be doing many things at once just to accomplish what I need to in that moment.  Yet, there are these moments when I stop, take a breath, and reflect on how there IS a moment (or many) of this day that IS neat, cool or fun.  These quick moments or flashes of “being present” brings your intention back in the day.  As you are running from the first thing to the next take a moment and catch your breath.  Recognize the things around you and take it in.... 

Mompreneur on Fire - Zen 2

That's it, one single step.  It's a loaded step. But you weren’t asked to spend more money or “outsource" as your could.  You weren’t asked to forget the responsibilities of the day and take time for yourself, which you could do too.  Or not do.  Nor were you told to add other items to your list and take a walk, or listen to your favorite music, even though those all help too. You can work from home and remain calm(ish).

There are loads of exercise and ways to do this but one of the quickest ways is to find your breath and take in the moment.  When I am at my craziest and busiest, “finding your center” and becoming “present" is arguably the single best way to improve your day, at that exact moment.  All day, everyday, within my crazy mom life, I have lots of little moments of joy, gratitude and happiness. 

What better way to spend 30 seconds??

Good luck!

Update: I started doing guided meditations this past year and cannot speak anymore highly of them.  Life. Changing.

Here's my favorite!  Download it.  I *promise* you, you will love this meditation!

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