Turning Waste Into A Meaningful GIft: 1 Woman's Journey

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Mompreneur on Fire - Crazyon Collection
There is power in the ripple effect.
— Sheila Morovati

I am always really appreciative when a restaurant offers crayons for the kiddos.  To me, the restaurant is being thoughtful of not only the kids but they are also helping out the parents.  My girls love to break open the box and jump right into the coloring or activity provided.   This gives me a moment to get settled in for the meal.  Of course, we appreciate the crayons. 

And at the end of the meal I feel guilt arise as we clean up our mess and begin to leave.  What do I do with these crayons?  They are used, yes, but barely.  Do I leave them and let that go to waste?  Do I take them and look cheap?  Or do I really need 8000 crayons in my house?  So- I have restaurant crayons everywhere.  In the car, upstairs, downstairs, in backpacks and suitcases.  They are everywhere.  

And now you know why I, and so many others, love the non-profit Crayon Collection which was started by mompreneur Sheila Morovati just a few years back.  She took this waste, found that she too was overwhelmed with crayons at home and did something even better about it.  

Now Crayon Collection facilitates the giving of gently used and new crayons from restaurants (and anyone else who wants to collect them) to schools in need.  Schools that don't have or have enough crayons.  

Now Crayon Collection gives our own kids opportunity to collect and give back to their communities.  One boy loved the giving so much, he went without birthday presents and collected crayons for the other children.   It's a great easy way to give, give back and teach.  

I was thrilled to talk with Sheila about how she turned feeling guilty into a productive, honorable business. 


Mompreneur on Fire - Sheila Morovati

We talked about many things including:

  • Her first steps to recycling this waste
  • How they've grow step-by-step
  • How everyone can give back and create change
  • Where the advice came from to really develop
  • Starting & working with volunteers
  • Building a formal non-profit
  • Volunteering your time
  • Growing to fit the need
  • How her own kids are involved
  • The difference the kids are making and how they love it
  • How her childhood experience that stayed with her and lead her to this path
  • Where and what she's doing well
  • Where and how she needs improvement
  • How she stays focused and doesn't get distracted
  • What the sign on her desk says
  • Because she is a working mom - What's for dinner!


More from Sheila

  • What did you want to be when you grew up?  
    • An astronaut
  • What was your first job? 
    • File Clerk at a dental office
  • What are your go-to books and apps? -
  • What are your favorite gifts to give??  
    • Massages