Running Around Town for Work? Involve Your Kids & Reduce Guilt

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If someone like me can do it, anyone can do it!
— Kalika Yap
Mompreneur on Fire - Reduce Guilt

It was really nice for Julie and I talk with Kalika Yap.  Julie had met her years back and they made quick connection.  When we started pulling together a list of mompreneurs we wanted to talk with Kalika was at the top for her.  As soon as we started, I knew why!  Kalika has that type of energy you want to bottle and take home with you!  Personally, during the interview, I was a completely nervous but she was kind, authentic and a great combination of information and inspiration.   I simply love how she talks about her kids and involving them in her businesses and how now they are building a business of their own!  One day I hope to do the same for my own.   

Kalika is an accomplished entrepreneur currently running Citrus Studios an award winning design agency, managing Luxe Link the original purse hook that she created, she also runs a luxury waxing company in Hawaii and is starting a business with her kids.  On top of that she is on several boards including Entrepreneur Organization and has won many awards.  We were happy and honored she took time out to talk with us!

Mompreneur on Fire - Kalika Yap

In this episode, we cover several topics and stories.  Here are some of the things we talk about: 

  • Her first priority when she is scheduling things
  • What she tells her kids about work
  • A first things she tells her kids about business
  • The impact of her kids involvement in the business
  • Her energy and where she gets it!
  • Which recent book triggered her to mediate
  • What habits does she want to embrace
  • Where she's putting her focus when it comes to her health
  • Books on her nightstand
  • The books on Julie’s nightstand!
  • Favorite tools and apps
  • What happened when her husband joined the company
  • A little bit about her lawsuit - that has thankfully settled!
  • What it’s like for her kids in her office

“Leaders are readers.” - Kalika Nación    


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