Did You Climb the Wrong Ladder? How to Switch Mid-Career

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When I finally reached the top of the ladder, I realized I was climbing the wrong ladder.
— Vanessa Loder
Mompreneur on Fire - Wrong Ladder


Not long ago I was able to talk with Vanessa Loder, Co-Founder of Mindfulness Based Achievement.   She succeeded traditionally (think Stanford Business School, Private Equity Finance job) but wasn't fulfilled or very happy.  After diving into spiritual practices and leaning into her questions about her personal fulfillment, Vanessa put herself on notice and left her stable position for the literal unknown.  

Mompreneur on Fire - Vanessa Loder

In this episode, we cover several topics and stories.  Here are some of the things we talk about: 

  • A bit about her business Mindfulness Based Achievement
  • Process of leaving high powered finance position to taking an entrepreneurial path
  • Initial steps in making her change - including what the "Reluctant Psychic" told her
  • Why she skipped being very "traditional MBA" about her new business
  • How she raised anxiety in ME for her!
  • How her intentional focus drove her to her first steps of success and her new business
  • The power of the coffee date!
  • The evolution of her business(es) and how they've taken off in different directions she could have never predicted
  • How her first big sale ended up devastating her and producing a lot shame.  (And how it turned out to be a blessing in disguise!)
  • What's she's had to learn being an entrepreneur. 
  • Creating a family, setting the boundaries and making the choices between running a business and being a mom
  • How self care and support became essential in her life
  • How she was able to work with no makeup, no real clothes to ease her way back into work after having her daughter
  • The highest quality attention she can give her daughter
  • What keeps her up at night
  • Morning rituals and evening routines
  • Her broad definition on what is a mentor 
In order to make it (quitting her job with no plan) safe enough to do I had put some boundaries around it.
— Vanessa Loder


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  • What are your favorite apps? 
    • Insight Timer is great for meditations, I use it most mornings. You can use the chime bell to meditate in silence for any amount of time or find a free guided meditation (if you search my name "Vanessa Loder" you can even find a couple of mine!). Other apps I use....Lots of educational games for my daughter these days like "endless 123"  ;) 
  • What books are on your nightstand?  Favorite all-time book? 
    • Nightstand:  my kindle with LOTS of books, currently re-reading Lonesome Dove. I keep Mary Oliver and Rumi poetry on my nightstand and sometimes quickly read a poem in the morning when I first wake up.
    • Favorite all-time book...depends for what. For people who want to find work they love, I recommend "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks. For fun, The Count of Monte Cristo
  • What's your guilty pleasure these days?  
  • What one item do you love that is less than $100? 
  • What one item do you love to give that is less than $100?  

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