My Clientele

1. My clients are high profile and in-the-spotlight.

2. They are everyday business owners.

3. They are women with families. 



"Ashleigh has many gifts and talents, but the way she empowers other women to go after and get the life they want has to top the list.

She's the real deal and excels at helping others to become their best (and happiest) self too!"

-Soon-to-Be Woman Millionaire Business Owner



"We wanted to tap in to a new market and needed to know how the others were so successful.  I don't understand how Ashleigh knows so much.  Now we have hired designers and manufacturers, have 2 stores opening and have our website up and running. I carry Ashleigh's recommendations with me everyday.

-London-Based CEO


Multiple Revenue Streams

"There was so much work that needed to be done it was overwhelming. We had a hard time getting things done.  Now, we have 2 courses that are selling, signed partnership agreements, will be doing a speaking tour and have a book coming out next year.  It's unbelievably exciting!"  

- Beloved Reality Star