About Ashleigh Blatt

Revenue and Priority Driven, Ashleigh has been called “the heartbeat of the organization.” She harnesses her expertise inside an organization and maximizes it with online marketing channels to generate multiple income streams for celebrities, experts and small businesses.  

Part motivator, part organizational engineer, as an OBM (online business manager) is quick to grasp and effectively assess the entrepreneur's vision and opportunity ahead has been paramount to her success in driving revenue for celebrities, experts & traditional businesses.  

Revenue & Systems
Ashleigh has experience in every aspect of building an organization from inception through sell-off. Her ability to manage multiple goals & deadlines allows for stress reduction, budget management, and clear communication on all sides. She's your "right hand man" with a pragmatic approach that empowers teams through her intuitive ability to quickly identify viable solutions that net results. 

Her focus is teaching experts and business owners how to communicate more effectively in every aspect of their business. Equally important how to accelerate more rapidly. She is also an authority on increasing revenue by creating strategic partnerships, advancing relationships and driving targeted online marketing campaigns.  

Empowering Women & Mom Entrepreneurs
Ashleigh is also a proactive advisor for women and mom entrepreneurs who are struggling with the delicate balance between being business owners and full-time moms.  She champions their efforts and helps share their trailblazing stories on her regular podcast Mompreneur on Fire.